Going to a drug facility designed for women puts you in touch with people who know what it is like to deal with addiction. While the prospect of getting sober may fill you with excitement, you may also be worried about having to follow rules in a residential setting. Understanding the rules that a typical women’s drug facility will have helps you to begin planning for your stay.

The first thing to remember about the rules is that they are all designed to make sobriety easier to achieve. While some rules may take some getting used to, you are typically free to make your own decisions about whether or not you want to stay in the facility. In most cases, it is easier to live with rules that involve visitation and curfews when you view them based upon their reasons for being included in the program.

Common Rules for Group Living Situations

The most common rules that you will find at a women’s drug facility are designed to make it easier to live in a group setting. While you may have a private room, you may still be expected to follow rules such as only having people visit you during certain hours. This is just to protect the safety of everyone in the facility, and it makes it easier for you to enjoy a visit when you are not expected to be in your other counseling sessions.

You may also be expected to follow additional rules in your facility that include the following:

•dress codes such as avoiding clothing that depicts drugs or alcohol

•special hours for quiet and reflection times

•restrictions regarding medication use such as prescriptions being given to you by a member of the staff at appropriate times

Recommendations to Avoid Stress and Triggers

A women’s drug facility may also have rules in place that make it easier for you to focus on staying sober. Most women find it easier to avoid falling into their unhealthy habits when they are able to minimize the stress in their lives. For instance, your rehab may recommend leaving your electronic devices at home or in a special storage area at the facility. This helps you to avoid things such as reading social media posts that generate stress during a time when you need to focus on yourself.

Your facility may also have rules about what reading materials and other forms of entertainment you can bring for your stay. In most cases, these rules are just meant to help you avoid reading about someone using drugs or alcohol since this can also become a trigger. If the prospect of not having your favorite book available leaves you worried, then try to remember that your facility will be full of activities and inspirational materials that are all carefully selected for their support for sobriety.

The Most Important Rule of All

Drug rehab facilities do not just make up rules for the fun of it. Each rule is carefully designed to help you begin the process of recovery in a stable environment. While the rules may vary in different programs, you should expect to follow one very simple but effective rule. The most important rule that you will find in rehab is to maintain your focus on sobriety. The staff at a rehab facility understands that it may take you some time to feel comfortable participating in your counseling sessions. However, the only way to truly move forward is to open up and lean on the support of the people that are around you.

There may be times when you feel like you can’t make it through the program. You may even feel tempted to leave during the first few days when you are still adjusting. This is the time to share your thoughts with your counselors and the other residents. Opening up allows you to receive one of the most important parts of addiction treatment, and that is finding out that you have a wealth of support available. Your counselors can help you to identify and work through any barriers that you have for continuing your treatment. The other women in your group can help you by providing encouragement and distractions that make it easier to move forward with your treatment. Staying committed to sobriety and following the program is the biggest rule to follow, and you’ll find that there are many people who will help to make this easier for you throughout your stay.

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