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This group is the standard in addiction and recovery. From the way they treat in patients to the way they continue to love and care for you moving forward is like none other. They are the STANDARD in this type of work and I can only hope every other business strives to set the example as they do. Thank you for loving us humans and for loving our community and for being everything someone could need during this difficult time in life.
Sam W.
Allendale is by far the best treatment center I have ever been to, and I believe it will be my last thanks to the tools the therapists and group leaders provided me. The facility is nice and homey, with endless snacks, access to outdoor areas, and a friendly environment in which the other clients feel like family. The administrators are always available and helpful and treat clients with the utmost care and respect. The case managers and aftercare specialists set you up for success after the 30 day program and handle any legal or work issues you might have so that you can focus on your recovery. I cannot recommend this program enough, if I could I would give 10 stars!!
John K.
It has been a wonderful experience staff is amazing I highly recommend this facility
Bob B.
Allendale is an amazing treatment center. It literally saved my life. Huge thanks to Allendale and it's staff
Kevin R.
Allendale is an amazing place. Yes, it’s rehab but it’s a different experience. Every staff member genuinely cares about you and your recovery. 90% of staff are in recovery themselves so they know firsthand what you are going through both physically and mentally. I highly recommend Allendale if you think you may have a problem with drugs or Alcohol.
David M.
allendale is an excelent facility with professional, experienced and professional staffing. I highly reccomend them and have already done so to my primary care physician
tyler R.
Staff and group facilitators are amazing it helps with the staff being in recovery too cuz they can relate to where we’re coming from.
Michael H.
I went to Allendale Treatment the first weel of March 2023. Ben (Allendales Driver) picked me up during one of the worst snow storms ever a 2.5 hour drive took 5 hrs but we made it and he was awesome. Then when I got to Allendale the BHTs made me feel right at home during the intake process. Also, the nurses made me as comfortable as possible as soon as they could and they treated me like a person and not just a number. This facility is first class. I would recommend Allendale to anybody. The whole vibe and environment there is one of peace and hope. I am going on 17 months of being clean and sober and Allendale Treatment is where it all started. Thankful for the staff and the owners of Allendale for making this a place of hope.
Kylee C.
staff is amazing here and made me feel very comfortable every stay i have had here. i thank all of them!!!
Jeremy S.
The staff is amazing caring I would recommend allendale to anyone seeking help don’t wait until tomorrow because you might not have tomorrow to fix what you can today
Joseph M.
My experience excellent!The entire staff did a wonderful job making me feel welcome!Also pointing me in the right direction for when I get discharged!Highly recommended to family,friends and/or coworkers!
Joshua B.
Allendale is a great place all the staff are so helpful.The food is awesome. Nothing negative to say. THANK YOU Allendale!
Tabi C.
Amazing place
Austin L.
Allendale is a very clean facility, staff are well trained and professional. Staff are very resourceful and accommodating. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking to start their recovery journey. Thank you Allendale!!!
Jon S.
Staff are awesome it's a wonderfull environment for recovery there are open kitchens and catered food every day. I was verry happy with my experience
Jevon B.
I came to allendale treatment, and immediately felt accepted and loved, asking for help with mental health and addiction issues is never easy, but they are all wonderful people who truly care, I'm very glad I chose allendale treatment ❤️
Keith B.
I recommend this place for anyone seeking treatment
Carter S.
Great treatment center! The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Plus great food during your stay!
Taylor S.
Matthew H.
Allendale is by far the best place I have 3very been. The staff and facilities are excellent and is a safe place for recovery to begin!
Keith B.
Sam R.
this is a great treatment facility. i have been here myself now 4 times and they have always provided me with everything i have needed in order to have a good life afterwards. almost of the staff here are addicts themselves and they are very experienced in helping others.
This place is like a 5 star resort, they know how to rehabilitate people with all types of afflictions and keep you sober.
Luke J.
The staff at Allendale goes above and beyond for patients. From admissions, intake, therapists, facilitators, case managers, nursing, NPs, and BHTs. They all care about you and your wellbeing and try to maximize your success. The facility is incredible, the environment is extremely conducive to your recovery. I would highly recommended Allendale for treatment.
Amanda H.
A place full of people who’re in recovery themselves and bring their own selflessness to the table to obtain and maintain your own sobriety. Wish it could be longer than 30 days. Thanks for all that your do & continue to do.
Mitch S.
Great people work for this place they really care for the patients and the food is amazing. I learned alot and got the time to work on me.
Michelle M.
Brett H.
After walking through the doors to the facility, I was relieved to feel comfort from the staff and clients who I connected with so strongly. Being able to find myself again in a very safe, clean environment. The food is absolutely amazing. The case management and after care coordinators are top notch for setting me up for success in the recovery process I’m looking forward to. Hands down best rehab! Many more stars to give! Love you all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Ben S.
Was a amazing experience. The Staff and the relationships that were established will be ones I will never forget. The love and care is genuine. I am grateful for Allendale.
Dillon M
Olin W.
The best part about Allendale is their genuine desire for each and everyone of us to recover. The amount of care they provide is top notch!The facility is always clean. The rooms are extremely comfortable. The meals, drinks, and snacks are beyond compare. It is hands down the best treatment facility and program available!
Joe R.
A wonderful place! Staff is excellent in every area. Everything is comfortable. Food is great and place really helps you with sobriety or whatever your issues are. I highly recommend Allenendale...
Savannah G.
It is the best treatment facility in Indiana
Wes A.
Allendale is the ideal treatment center. The staff is wonderful, the therapists are understanding, and they really deliver the full experience. I am glad I chose Allendale for my recovery and wouldn't consider anything else. They really set me on the right path and I'm so grateful to have decided to make the right decision. Oh and did I mention they cater? Thank you and God Bless
George J.
Good peeps... Tons of love..
thotticus P.
Great place. Staff really cares about patients. Clean facility.
Aaron D.
This place saved my life!!!
Keri G.
Great place and great staff!
Alexa D.
Allendale was nothing short of an amazing experience. I was able to spend 30 days focusing on bettering myself physically and mentally. My twice weekly therapy sessions helped me to unpack underlining trauma. It is a very nice and clean facility. The staff is amazing and supportive. If you need help, Allendale is a safe place to heal.
Shawn P.
I don’t ever post reviews, in fact, this is my first. The day I arrived was the scariest day of my life. Of the 26 people there when I left I still talk weekly with them and a couple still daily. I left with two of now my best friends June 17th of 2022. I owe my life to Allendale. Everyone there does care about you. They have reached out numerous times since I left to check in and see how things are going. I will come back at some point to give a lead. I owe some service time to this facility and let’s face it I want to say hello to a few people and walk a couple of laps around the place. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
John G.
Very caring staff. Great treatment facility..
Breohnt “BE Cinema” E.
Forever grateful of this place
Angela C.
From the moment I walked through the door I was treated with respect and dignity. Everyone involved in my care showed sincere compassion. I felt safe and comfortable during my stay. The facility is clean and well maintained. I highly recommend this treatment center.
Keri G.
This place has saved my life and I recommend it to any and everyone needing help.
Allendale is top notch. Best decision I have made.
Lindsay H
Allendale is a life saver!! I was not in good shape, when i was ready for treatment they got me in that same day I asked for help. They welcomed me with open arms. The staff here are wonderful, awesome and so very caring. I have been to other treatment centers and Allendale is definitely on the top of my list.
Zak B.
Amazing. Great staff. Everyone in staff cares Greatly about clients. They live for this stuff.
Ryan Van M.
Joe W.
Amazing Staff and Facility. Was able to get me through one of my toughest times.
Jason M.
Allendale has been such a awesome place and has taught me so much about a better sober life
Jerry J.
Best Decision Ever!!! Nice & Wonderful staff here at Allendale with staff that can fully understand what I was going threw. After 30 days I walked Graduated a better man, sober and member of the ALLENDALE FAMILY. This place saved my life!!!
Jacob G.
The staff are overall just amazing individuals. It's honestly a great place too detox and learn how too beat your addiction. 💓
Bradley H.
Great experience staff is amazing highly recommended
Tarrah C.
I would recommend Allendale treatment center to anyone who is ready to change their life and get a grip on their addiction. I have never been to a place where they care so much about how are lives end up. The nurses are amazing,therapist, case managers,and all the group facilitators. These wonderful people will bend over backwards to help you change your life for the future.
Kelly T.
Allen sale was amazing. Truly helped me save my life. Staff all around is great and caring. They truly want you to succeed. Christmas was an A+. Best place to be at if you can’t be home for the holidays. Food is excellent and plentiful. Thank you so much.
Lonnie M.
Great place really got alot out of it would recommend it
Daniel C.
This place definitely saved my life. I had to do it twice but I was welcomed back with open arms and taught different skills than the first time to prepare me to make the change after leaving the program.
Syenna D.
A great experience! Love all staff and patients! They truly care about everyone here and their recovery. 💖
Philip D.
Ivory F.
It was a wonderful experience learned alot if your are in need for treatment this is the place for you
Jeremy D.
Allendale is the best!! I’ve had the best treatment from the staff. They have been through everything I am going through. From the nurses,case management,therapists,MHNP,facilitators. The food is catered in, very delicious. On my road to recovery. Thank you everyone.
Beau F.
I would recommend Allendale to anyone, staff is super friendly and helpful with any needs that you need met! All the techs and staff will sit and listen to any emotions or problems you might have! The faculty is very earning and comfortable so you won’t feel like your locked away!
Kenzo J.
I want to thank the whole allendale staff for giving me a 2nd chance at life , 5 Rehab’s and this is the one who saved my life I will always remember everything they did for me and bending over backwards to help me thank you so much!!!! I recommend this facility to anyone struggling with addiction thank you
Alexandra H.
By far the most phenomenal start to my recovery journey. The entire staff BHTs, Nursing and Therapists genuinely care about you and your recovery. Incredibly thorough and individualized treatment for addiction and mental health disorders. If you genuinely want to get sober in a safe, comfortable and homey environment Allendale is the place to do that. 10/10 recommend. Also, Sara is the best therapist I have ever had. She is kind compassionate and relatable. Thank you and I look forward to continuing my journey in sobriety at Fort Wayne Recovery!
Dan V.
Great facility, great staff. Very helpful in my recovery.
Timothy L.
This is my first time in treatment. I am 65 years old. Allendale has a loving and caring staff. They see to all your needs, so you can concentrate on your recovery. God bless them all.
Tim S.
Allendale is a seriously amazing place if you are wanting help to get sober. They helped me see myself the way I could never on my own. The Staff and Therapists are amazing and will help you with whatever you need. I highly recommend if you or a family member is looking for help.
Response from the owner: We are very proud of the work you have done at Allendale and wish you the best in your recovery journey!
Janet A.
Allendale has been my savior during a very dark time in my life. I highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with addiction or has a loved one who is struggling. The staff and facility are excellent!
Response from the owner: Thank you Janet! We wish you the best!
Jake L.
this place is one of the best treatment facilities
Response from the owner: Thank you Jake!
Aiden K.
Staff is excellent and professional, completely accommodating to any specific needs that come up. Environment is caring and helpful and anyone that chooses to come will leave in a better place and they help put you on the right path to a long lasting and positive recovery.
Response from the owner: We are very proud of you Aiden!