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The withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and various drugs can be excruciating. Beyond being something tough to do both emotionally and physically, it can be medically dangerous. As part of a treatment program, clients have the opportunity to get supervised medical detoxification and withdrawal management. Here we’ll explain to you why supervised detox is such an important first step in alcohol and drug treatment.

Since the most critical aspect of the detox period is the health risk, we’ll begin by discussing these potential problems. It is natural to have heightened anxiety, headaches, and mild tremors when alcohol and drug use is stopped abruptly.

You may experience an inability to sleep, feel terribly nauseous, or gravitate uncontrollably between severe hot flashes and cold sweats. One of the worst aspects of trying to detox alone will be the insatiable cravings to fix the problem with another fix.

These types of cravings and be powerful, and all they do is put you right back where you started. Beyond the painful inconveniences and physical ailments associated with withdrawal, there are medically dangerous conditions that can occur.

Withdrawal from heavy alcohol abuse or certain drugs can cause high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, and dangerously intense hallucinations. The only way to guard against putting yourself in a dangerous medical situation is to begin your treatment with a period of medical detoxification and withdrawal management.

Besides avoiding the medical dangers of trying to use the do-it-yourself approach for detox, there are also tremendous benefits. The first aspect of a coordinated detox period at a licensed facility is that you’ll be comfortable.

There will be people to talk to about what you’re feeling, including professionals who reassure you that this too will pass. These compassionate counselors know how to dramatically ease the emotional burden of this vital detox period.

As you begin to walk out of the fog of addiction, you’ll also be able to lay a basic foundation for the next stage of your treatment. The road to recovery is one that follows are reasonably structured course, and that first leg is to safely guide you through the withdrawal period.

During these early days towards recovery, your journey will be supported by new associations and encouraging friendships. With the help of compassionate counselors, you’ll not only be away from the source of your addiction but also be protected against the baffling sense of craving.

Each individual case of alcoholism or drug addiction is also unique. During this period of medically supervised detox, you will begin to establish a framework for the rest of your recovery program.

Trying to sit at home and agonize through withdrawals is not only risky, but you’ll forfeit this chance to productively lay a foundation for your future without a need for drugs or alcohol. During this period you will be able to complete some prescreening steps towards developing your individualized recovery plan.

An alcohol or drug problem so severe to require a period of detox will invariably require a stage of treatment. During your detox period, knowledgeable professionals will explain to you what options are available.

If an outpatient program can address your level of addiction, you’ll already have a firm understanding of what you need to do before you’re discharged from the detox facility. When inpatient, residential recovery is recommended, often you will simply relocate to another section at the treatment facility.

Your journey towards recovery can continue uninterrupted after you complete a safe and comfortable period of detox. During this period, you and your team can also pinpoint certain types of co-occurring disorders that could inhibit your efforts to successfully stay clean and sober.

Many alcoholics and addicts are unaware of issues that are motivating factors that have helped drive their addiction. Uncovering these disorders, ahead of building your treatment plan, can prove vital to your recovery.

Since you’ll be under the guided care of professional medical staff, other health problems can be pinpointed and addressed. Certain kinds of drug addictions can lead to serious health problems. By entering a supervised detox facility, these can be handled as well.

Understanding how important the detox period while coming off drugs or alcohol is a key first step. Once you have an appreciation of how dangerous it can be to attempt it yourself, you’ll be ready to make a wise commitment.

As you complete the process of medically detoxing you against the perils of withdrawal, you will have the help you need to manage this period safely. A medically supervised period of detox will be the first stage of a refreshing new start to your life. You can start your recovery journey today; just don’t try to detox using a do-it-yourself plan.

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